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History of Infant Welfare

  • 1908 - The Chicago Milk Commission was established to combat the consumption of unpasteurized milk, a common cause of infant death. The Commission set up “milk stations” for dispensing free fresh milk to mothers of infants. 

  • 1911 - Volunteer nurses, physicians and women from throughout the city who worked at these stations formed The Infant Welfare Society of Chicago (IWS) and expanded their work to include infants exams and educating mothers about infant care.

  • 1913 - The Auxiliary of IWS was founded.

  • 1950 - IWS achieved national recognition for instituting a preschool program for emotionally disturbed children.

  • 1957 - The Wheaton Chapter  was founded.

  • 1970 - IWS consolidated its operations into one facility located at 1931 North Halsted Street.

  • 1972 - IWS began offering dental care.

  • 1991 - Renovation doubles IWS's usable clinic space.

  • 1995 - Gynecological, prenatal, and general health services for women were combined into our Whole Women's Wellness model.

  • 2005 - IWS relocated to Logan Square and opened the doors of the Angel Harvey Infant Welfare Society of Chicago Community Health Center (subsequently renamed as the Angel Harvey Family Health Center).

  • 2019 - IWS provides care for over 11,000 patients each year. The Auxiliary remains strong with nine chapters and more than 500 members throughout the Chicago area.


Angel Harvey Family Health Center of the Infant Welfare Society of Chicago

The clinic provides a broad range of services including pediatrics and adolescent health, dentistry, optometry, vision screening, adult health, prenatal care,  and family counseling.

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